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The Yellow Rose Award

The Yellow Rose Award Recipient is a woman who makes a difference in the lives of other women in our community. The receipients are members of BPW, WEB and the South Central Chapter of MN Women Lawyers

Award Criteria:

All 3 recipients are, or were, in their respective club a minimum of 3‐5 years and have held an elected or appointed position within their club.

  1. Recognized in her workplace as a valued contributor to the operation of the organization (formerly recognized if now retired)
  2. Active in some other service or volunteer activity in the Mankato area
  3. Serves as an outstanding member of the Zonta, WEB, or BPW Clubs of Mankato
  4. Demonstrates exemplary enthusiasm, productivity, and professionalism while making a difference for women in the community
  5. Works towards the legal, political, and economic status of women. Concerned about social justice
  6. Exhibits Strong Leadership Skills
  7. Is an approachable member who works towards collaboration and sustaining positive contributions
  8. Serves as a peacemaker who is able to take all sides of a situation into consideration
  9. Ability to recognize that it’s important to do with/not for in the line of service
  10. Mentoring other women towards self improvement and service